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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith


The surgeon is patient and kind. “We’ll sort out your breast cancer” he says. I am a bit perplexed thinking “but I don’t have breast cancer”. At least I didn’t this morning. We don’t have the cytology results, so I still cling to hope that all the Doctors so far are wrong. Let’s not forget

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith


Two years ago exactly I was swollen and tired. Each night I’d arrange pillows around my body, huge and expectant with my long wished for second child. My body was ungainly. I was exhausted and grumpy. I was 20 kg heavier than now. And yet, I was so anxiously waiting for my new baby. I

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith

Ode to Joy

What music do you choose when you are meeting your oncological surgeon to find out how bad things are? I sit in the waiting room and furiously google Ode to Joy. It seems curious to choose this piece. What joy is there to be had now, of all times? I find the piece of music

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith


When I walk I hear it. A faint squeak squeak … reminding me I have unwelcome jewellery. A needle with attendant plastic tubing dangles from my portacath. This is the pathway to my veins, the pathway to my heart as it sits just near it, in the largest vessel returning blood from my body to

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith


I go to sleep with breast cancer, I wake with it. As I arrange my pillows around an aching arm, I try hard not to remember when I last arranged my pillows so meticulously. It was the same Time of year only two years ago, when I was seven months pregnant. I arranged cocoons of

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith

Rough chemo

Week three of chemo is rough. I feel nauseous and hopeless. I cry when the catheter is placed as I feel so violated. Yet I must sit there. The nausea worsens, I hyperventilate and I vomit and then retch and retch.. “I just want to curl up on the floor and die.” I tell my partner.

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Help support Jo and her family through terminal breast cancer

At age 43, with two children aged 8 and 3, Jo faces a heartbreaking and devastating situation. Right when she should be making early memories with her family, she faces a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer. Those memories are soon all her children will have left.   #ChallengeAccepted 

“It’s my dearest wish that the boys are surrounded by love and support when I’m gone…”

“I want to live long enough for Lachy and Ben to have meaningful memories of me.”

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Alison Stuart

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lyn & melissa james

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If we all could give you one day from ourselves, I would give that up, for those beautiful little smiling faces.


Andrew MacLennan

$257.78 15/10/2020

Sorry that you're having to go through this. Keep on fighting.


Caroline Hafey

$515.24 15/10/2020

Love you Jo xx


Mark Westman

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Lots of love guys, keep up the positivity and the fight! xoxoxo

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Wishing the best possible future for you and your family Jo.
Love Gruesome


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So terribly sad to hear of your devastating news Jo. Wishing you strength & much love. xoxox


Trish Martin

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Hi Jo and Simon, So much admiration for the way you all are tackling this. The very best wishes from an old friend in Sydney.


From the whole team at JRP Families

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We have had the privileged of capturing your families moments in studio for the last two years and we look forward to the next session… Read more

We have had the privileged of capturing your families moments in studio for the last two years and we look forward to the next session.
All of our best wishes to the whole family - Nat, Joel, Stef, Grace and Marina.

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