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Three rounds of chemotherapy down… more to go.

Three rounds of chemotherapy down… more to go.

This week marked the end of my third round of chemotherapy, and also my third dose of Keytruda (“pembro “).

There isn’t a great deal to report medically. I am tracking ok. Few side effects, no nasty autoimmune effects from the Keytruda – taking the brakes off my immune system can lead to my immune system attacking just about anywhere.

Sunday I hosted a watch party for Hamilton. This was really fun, and I really enjoy watch parties. We also had the great pleasure of watching Nicole consuming a Chocolate éclair as big as her head, baked by Kate and her son. This was a fundraising challenge Nicole suggested, and, as we reached the goal, she duly consumed the pastry.

Monday was also the two year anniversary of my diagnosis, so this was a bit of a difficult day in that respect. Had I reached two years without cancer, it would have been my first success marker for being cancer free. But anyway, that’s not what has happened.

Wednesday was my 44rd birthday and I was very spoilt by my family and friends with many bunches of flowers and oodles of Haigh’s chocolate. We pulled Ben out of school for the day and headed to the pool as a family. This now requires some special equipment for me – a swimming cap to cover my lack of hair, and a swimming prosthetic and special bathers, but fortunately I was prepared. It’s hard to be normal when cancer has ravaged your body, but we try.

The weather was glorious as Spring has sprung and the boys had a great time. Fortunately Covid19 is well contained in SA so far, and we do not have arduous restrictions.

We have spent the weekend also creating memories -visiting the aviation museum Saturday and going to miniature railways on Sunday. I am trying to catch up with friends when I can.

It is quite remarkable how life continues as normal, even with my diagnosis hanging over us.

Joanna Griffith

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