Your Generosity gives hope.


Thank you for the very overwhelming response

Dear everyone,

The response to the fundraiser has been amazing. It has been very overwhelming, and at times difficult to confront the reality of what is happening. 

We had decided we only would do a fundraiser if I had a terminal prognosis, and so seeing it happening brings home the reality of what is before me once again. I’ve also been filling in forms for insurance for a terminal illness death benefit from superannuation, so this has also been confronting. 

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I am so very grateful that the immunotherapy has been covered by the fundraising, as covering this cost was worrying me greatly. It also has paid for the gap fee for the radio ablative surgery on my brain metastasis, which I had last week. In fact, in the last three weeks the out of pocket costs for treatment have been more than $13,000, covering two rounds of immunotherapy and the brain surgery. 

Still it is incredibly heartening to see how my friends, family, friends of friends, colleagues, and people I’ve never met are rallying around me and my family to offer support. 

Thank you so much. 

Much love Jo

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