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Joanna Griffith

Three rounds of chemotherapy down… more to go.

This week marked the end of my third round of chemotherapy, and also my third dose of Keytruda (“pembro “).

There isn’t a great deal to report medically. I am tracking ok. Few side effects, no nasty autoimmune effects from the Keytruda – taking the brakes off my immune system can lead to my immune system attacking just about anywhere.

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Joanna Griffith

August update on cancer Treatment

The first time I had chemotherapy, I cried. I had to sign a consent form that I understood just what was going to happen to me. Of course, I couldn’t read it. Most of that day was a blur, and my eyes were tightly closed. But the finality of consenting to literally poison being pumped

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith

Chemotherapy is over

Chemotherapy is over. Officially since mid February. This means I am seven weeks post chemo. My hair is growing back. First my legs have tiny blonde hairs of only a few millimeters. I notice it here first around the tenth of March. I luxuriate in feeling for stubble and hold them up against the light

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith

I feel like I’m in a cage

I feel like I’m in a cage. A cage with no key. There is no escape. I will always feel the bars. My sister visited. She is perhaps the only one who acknowledges that the odds aren’t good. Everyone else is buoyed with optimism. “You will beat it”, “The odds aren’t good” I say. “I’m

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cancer journey
Joanna Griffith


My hair is falling out. In drifts and tangles it comes away. Settling on my pillow, in my hair brush, on my collar, like autumn leaves. My head still has hair but it is frizzy and lifeless. The exodus cannot end well. Despite the dreaded cold cap, I am now succumbing. I have finished 12

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Help support Jo and her family through terminal breast cancer

At age 43, with two children aged 8 and 3, Jo faces a heartbreaking and devastating situation. Right when she should be making early memories with her family, she faces a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer. Those memories are soon all her children will have left.   #ChallengeAccepted 

“It’s my dearest wish that the boys are surrounded by love and support when I’m gone…”

“I want to live long enough for Lachy and Ben to have meaningful memories of me.”

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Nina Coulthard

$100.00 23/11/2020

Because you are never far from my thoughts xx


Trudi Power

$51.84 03/11/2020

Alison Stuart

$103.30 18/10/2020

lyn & melissa james

$100.00 15/10/2020

If we all could give you one day from ourselves, I would give that up, for those beautiful little smiling faces.


Andrew MacLennan

$257.78 15/10/2020

Sorry that you're having to go through this. Keep on fighting.


Caroline Hafey

$515.24 15/10/2020

Love you Jo xx


Mark Westman

$200.00 15/10/2020

Lots of love guys, keep up the positivity and the fight! xoxoxo

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Adam Gruer

$103.30 29/09/2020

Wishing the best possible future for you and your family Jo.
Love Gruesome


Casey Tucker

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Denise Wigney

$103.30 22/09/2020

So terribly sad to hear of your devastating news Jo. Wishing you strength & much love. xoxox


Trish Martin

$103.30 21/09/2020

Hi Jo and Simon, So much admiration for the way you all are tackling this. The very best wishes from an old friend in Sydney.