Your Generosity gives hope.


Early days

Washing in the shower, I feel a lump on my armpit. “Curious” I think, “That’s a lymph node”. I’ve never felt one there before.
I finish up my shower, mentioning it to my partner.

“Are any other nodes up?” he asks, “Are you sick?”

Well of course I am, I have small children, and I’m battling a sore throat as usual. Yes, lymph nodes are up under my chin.

“It’s probably just a virus” he says.

“Yes I think, probably just a virus, I’ll keep an eye on it”, I reply. And promptly forget about it.

I do remember thinking of making a note of the date, some time around when one of the children is sick, just in case “it’s the beginning of something”, but I’m so unfazed, I don’t.

It is the beginning of something.

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